How to Clean Your Car’s Interior in 6 Steps (Updated)

April 29th, 2019 by

Editor’s note: This post was originally published on 8/18/16 and has been updated for accuracy and comprehension.

A clean car just looks nice.

Especially after the grimy, salty build-up of winter.

But there are more advantages to cleaning than just a great-looking car.

Taking care of your vehicle will help it last longer, too.

Here’s what you can do to ensure your car is ready to impress, no matter who your next passenger is.

1. Ready your tools
You’ll need the right supplies to really get your car clean, so gather up:

A vacuum cleaner.
A garden hose.
An extension cord.
Paper towels.
Window cleaner.
Interior car cleaner.
2. Prepare your car
To get the car clean, you’ll need to be able to access all of the spaces.

That means you’ll need to first get rid of those gum wrappers stuffed in the door pockets and remove the empty cups in the drink holders.

You’ll also want to take out the floor mats and set them on the ground nearby the car – you’ll clean these too.

3. Start up the vacuum
Take the vacuum and begin cleaning the seats.

You may want to use an attachment that covers more space at one time than the vacuum hose itself.

Work your way down and vacuum around the base of the seats, getting into all of the cracks and crevices.

Finally, vacuum the carpets – and don’t forget the trunk!

While you have the vacuum out, tackle the floor mats to remove loose dirt.

4. Grab the car cleaner
Next, clean the vinyl on the interior of the car.

Spray the cleaner onto a dry rag and work your way back and forth over the surfaces, removing dirt and shining it up.

Fold the rag over once the surface area gets dirty and continue cleaning with a new portion of the rag.

Take the floor mats and use a wet rag and soapy water to get at the grime.

5. Target the windows
Now you’re ready to tackle the windows.

Take the window cleaner and some fresh paper towels, and get to work.

Don’t forget the rearview mirror and any mirrors located on the sun visors.

If you want streak- and lint-free windows, use a crumpled up newspaper next to buff the windows.

Be sure to get into all the corners and edges.

6. Put it back together
Now that your car is sparkling clean, it’s time to put everything back where it belongs.

Return the floor mats to the proper position, and replace any items that you keep in your car (like loose change or tissues).

Stay on top of a car-cleaning regime
Repeat this process as often as you can.

Avoid letting dirt and grime go unchecked.

If left too long, you may not be able to remove the dirt.

For more car care tips, contact your friends at Serra Auto Park today!

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