Customer Reviews

"I couldn't be happier"

Thank you, Chris Johnson and the rest of Park Auto. When I entered the show room, I was greeted and acknowledged by other employees that passed by, I wasn't just a number. I left the dealership with a 2017 madza3 and I couldn't be happier with my purchase and experience. I was able to get what I wanted and more with a price that I was comfortable with. Thank you so much!!

Alyssa B.

"I was impressed"

I just bought a Acura TLX from park auto. I talked to Dave Somerville and told him what I wanted and ask him to give me the no haggle out the door price and that exactly what he did. but me being the customer who always struggled to get the price form dealers, did checked other dealer to see if they can go lower or not. and all of them said " its too aggressive deal we can't even come close." I was greeted so well by dave, and Sherman me and my wife enter the facility. they showed me the car and finished up paper work in no time and walked with the new car. I was impressive and happy that I found dave Somerville. thank you so much

Hardeep D.

"Great Experience"

Great selection, great staff, great experience! This was my first car buying experience and it couldn't have gone better! Steve Kappel was wonderful to work with and made the entire process significantly less stressful for me. He was patient with my indecisiveness and gave me plenty of time to chose my Subaru Crosstrek. He then went out of his way and came in on his day off to make sure everything was perfect before I drove my car home. I couldn't be happier and would definitely recommend that if you go to Park Auto, work with him!

Megan D.

"A Big Thanks"

My experience was nothing but positive. Chad Taschwer was fantastic to deal with. Bought a 2015 Civic and could not be happier. A Big Thanks goes out to Park Honda, but a Bigger Thank You to Chad. Believe me he is great!

Joe B.

"You created an outstanding customer experience for me"

I just returned from my first service experience after recently purchasing my MDX from Park Acura. I left with a grin on my face and while still aglow, felt it important to share with the powers that be just how wonderful that experience was. Lori and her teammates have created a 'raving fan' in me, one who will evangelically extoll praise for your dealership to all I meet. Your attention to detail, smiling faces, and willingness to go the extra mile (literally) made all the difference! You need to know that I was ferried to and fro to the Bistro of Green for lunch while my car was being serviced. Upon my return, I found the SUV to be washed, cleaned, and with all the needed fluids topped off. That was expected and would have met anyone's expectations; the big difference was in the way it was done. Everyone I met greeted me with a smile--from my two 'chauffeurs' who refused any tipping, to the others who manned the service desks, and--certainly not least--to your fantastic service-oriented role model, Lori. In our present world, a great product is not enough; its delivery is equally important...your team delivers! Thank you for your commitment to founding a great culture and then hiring folks who are totally aligned and focused on the desired results! You created an outstanding customer experience for me, one that I intend to share vicariously with others. In other words, I'm pleased to join your team of unpaid sales folks! Still grinning,

Dave L.

"I highly recommend Park Auto Group"

Ryan Pursley did a wonderful job. He took excellent care of me. I told him the reason I didn't stop in earlier that day was because when I got out of work ,I first went to Mike Pruit and I sat there for an hour while Troy Larkins was trying to locate a vehicle I wanted to buy. They couldn't find it so they said it was probably sold . Then he wanted to show me other types of vehicles that I had no interest in .So my fiancee and I walked out and went to Park Auto group. The guys stayed over time and processed my paperwork , showed me the new models and was so polite. I highly recommend Park Auto Group. I even posted my Honda Fit on Facebook.

Sharon B.

"Made it well worth the nearly 700 mile round trip"

I literally did a countrywide search for a used truck that lasted over three months, and I was willing to travel wherever I had to in order to secure a truck that would meet the needs of our farm business. Fortunately for me, Park Auto had just traded for a one owner F150 that met all of our needs perfectly. It was excellent condition with extremely low miles, but best of all it was very reasonably priced which is not the case with most used trucks. I called and was connected with Adam Dungan in sales. Adam is a consummate professional and he quickly sent me all of the info I needed on the truck. He was very timely and responsive and never once did he put any kind of pressure on me to make a purchase. Thru Adam, I was able to negotiate a very fair price over the phone for the truck of my dreams, and there were no slimy sales gimmicks used by he or anyone else at Park. Just a reasonable bottom line "take it or leave it" price that was too good to pass up. We made the 335+ mile drive from Indy to make the purchase after negotiating all of the terms on the phone. Adam was out due to a prior commitment the day I came to purchase the truck, but Ali Yoho filled in for him and had everything ready to go upon my arrival. She was an absolute joy to work with. Upon inspection, the truck did need an alignment and the used car manager simply deducted the cost of the service that needed done from the sales price so we could be on our way quickly. Mark Martina was our finance manager and he was as equally pleasant and professional to work with as Adam & Ali. This was the first time in my life that I actually enjoyed working with an auto sales finance manager. He spent as much time with me as I needed to look at all of the options available to me for financing and made the process painless. It was obvious that he wasn't trying to rush me thru the process and wanted to make certain I got the best terms that worked for me. He was also very helpful in explaining a great warranty product known as "5 Star". I'm not typically an extended warranty purchaser, but this product was too good to pass up. Now our gently used truck is essentially covered bumper to bumper up to nearly 100k miles for a very reasonable amount. While Mark was buttoning up the paperwork, Ali had the truck plated and ready to roll (complete with a full tank of gas - which is nothing to sneeze at on this truck with it's 36 gallon tank!) when the finance process was complete. A couple of days after the purchase, both Adam and Mark followed up with me by phone to see if everything was okay and if I had any questions. This was, BY FAR, the best auto purchasing experience I have ever had. Everyone I spoke with at Park was pleasant, genuine, professional and very kind. They made it well worth the nearly 700 mile round trip, 14 hour day to pick up this truck. Even given the distance, I will give Park Auto every chance to earn my repeat business should I need another vehicle they have to offer in the future. They are that good! I would highly encourage anyone to ask for Adam Dungan in sales. I can't really even put into words how great of a sales guy Adam is. You won't be disappointed with his level of professionalism and work ethic. Thank you Park Auto Group for making this such a pleasant experience. You are proof that not all auto dealerships care about only the bottom line.

Darby S.

"Fabulous Experience!"

After searching for weeks in the Columbus area for a used Subaru Hatchback we finally discovered one at Park Auto. I initially emailed the dealership regarding availability and a response was promptly received from Adam D. that it was available. We made arrangements to drive up to Akron on Monday evening. I contacted Adam on Monday that we were on our way and he had it pulled from inventory to ensure that the car would still be there after driving 2 and a half hours to test drive which I felt was a great show of business acumen. We loved the car and ended up purchasing it. It was the most effortless car buying experience I have been through. Everyone at the dealership was extremely friendly and Adam D was awesome to work with. The car was for my 24 year old son and as a young adult with an intensity about cars, Adam easily answered his questions about RPM's, etc. I would highly recommend Park Auto Group to anyone considering purchasing a vehicle. Well worth the drive. Thank you again to Park Auto for everything!

Carol R.

"Tremendous amount of support"

I just wanted to reach out to you after picking up my new 2015 WRX last night.

After driving it around it is a completely different car than the 2012 I had(in a good way) and was well worth the wait.

I want to thank you for the tremendous amount of support you have given me from start to finish in the process.  From the beginning you guided me through the ordering process, given me updates on an ETA, and have worked tirelessly to make sure day of activities could go as smoothly as possible(Trade in, loan pay-off, plate swap, etc.)

I haven't received the amount of support from any other dealerships(let alone sales representatives) in the area than I have with you, and until that changes I will be using Park Subaru for my needs.  You have shown massive support.

Thank you again,

Brian B.

"In touch with the community"

I was impressed by the article I read this past weekend of the "Park Auto Group" pitching in and helping a family in need. I am certainly glad that I have purchased my last 4 vehicles from your group. You are not only good to negotiate with, but also most importantly you are in touch with the community that surrounds you. That quality is what makes your company stand out from all the rest and successful.
Great job!

David C.

"Helpful but never pushy"

Jeff Critchfield is the real deal. He listens and repeats back what he heard so we are on the same page with what I think I need. He says what he's going to do, and then does it.
He is kind yet professional, and double checks to insure that everything was covered during the service call.
I feel confident working with him, and experience mutual respect and courtesy.
Best of all, he doesn't try to be chummy, he keeps moving while remaining friendly so the job gets done.
This adds up to trust, and insures I will continue with this dealship for service, and most likely the next new car.
Thanks Jeff, what a relief to know you mean what you say.
BTW, the sales team has been great as well, always helpful when I am wandering around the sales area while the car is being serviced. Helpful but never pushy.
I'll be back.

D. Chase


I just wanted to let you know what an AMAZING sales manager Casey Glockner is! As I mentioned to her yesterday, this was the best buying experience I have ever had. Usually the stresses of buying/ leasing a car involve a lot of pressure and uncertainty, none of which was felt yesterday. From the start, Casey was extremely helpful in providing the information through email about the vehicle that I was looking for (dealers usually want you to come in before they provide any data). She was even willing to email me during her day off and provided me with her cell phone number if I had any questions that needed to be answered while she was out of the office. When I came to look at the vehicle yesterday, she had the car waiting for me and was extremely patient with me while I went through the financial numbers and provided me with ALL of the information that I requested. I never felt that I was being pushed to make a decision, it was such an unknown feeling from my past experiences.
When the office closed at 8 pm, both her and Rod Kalkman did not stop providing great customer service. I knew that they probably were ready to go home after a long day, but there was never any sign of that from them. They made me and my mother feel that we were their number one priority. Casey began showing me the Bluetooth capabilities on the vehicle, when it was cut short because Rod was ready to fill out the financial paperwork. After the documents were completed, she made sure we came back to the vehicle to finish what we started (I believe this was almost 9 pm).
I have never felt so comfortable and taken care of at a dealership as I have by Casey. Rod was also really helpful in explaining the questions I had on the leasing contract. I will definitely recommend Casey and your dealership to my friends and family.
Thank you for your time,

Mariana S.

"I cannot say enough good"

I just wanted to say thank you to Tim Smith and to Tom for making my leasing and trade in experience a wonderful one. I cannot say enough good and positive things about the employees and the service I received. I love my new 2014 Civic and will definitely recommend Park to anyone I know who is looking for a new or used car.

April S.

"How impressed I was with the professionalism"

I want you to know how impressed I was with the professionalism of Emily Magner, who I talked with a week or so ago while I was in Ohio for my granddaughter's high school graduation. It is obvious the Honda has a very good training program for their sales persons. I even encouraged my granddaughter to introduce herself to Emily to learn more about opportunities at Honda, as she begins exploring her future. Although I live in Michigan, I have had my Honda Accord serviced at Park several times and have always been satisfied with their service. In fact, I believe my daughter purchased a vehicle from Park Honda, (and may again as she just got rear-ended yesterday on her way home from visiting us). I will suggest she ask for Emily.

Don L.


Thank you for your email.  I am enjoying the Civic, and I especially like the gas that I am saving!  I appreciate Honda's 'MPG system' that is in place to bring driver awareness in maximizing gas usage.  Excellent! Thank you again for all your assistance in making for another positive car purchasing experience for both Trish and myself.  We will let our friends and family know to ask for you, should any of them be looking for a vehicle.
Oh yeah, if you see Honda starts to offer a lockable glove box, be sure to let me know. LOL!

Thank you,

"I definitely recommend going to park acura"

I recently purchased a Acura TSX from Park Acura.Sherman Thomas was my sales rep, and had the answer for all my questions.I definitly recommend going to park acura and talking with Sherman.Thanks again Sherman for a great buying experience.


"A quick and pain-free process"

Mark, I cannot thank you enough for helping me get this new car! I will definitely be referring people to you!! You have made buying my first car a quick and pain- free process!


"The transaction was fast and smooth"

We had a very pleasant experience with Park Honda while shopping for a car. We met the 1st day with Mark Owens and he helped us find the Honda we wanted. (which was about a 3 week process) We test drove 3 different vehicles as Mark kept us informed on all the differences and features in detail, right down to the newer taillight shapes. We never felt rushed or pressured in any way, Mark was very patient and helpful through the entire process. After searching the area for deals we felt that were asked to pay a fair price for the car. We settled with a 2011 Civic which we are very happy with. Once we decided to buy, the transaction was fast and smooth. Since the purchase, Mark and other members of the team have followed up with us to make sure we are happy with our purchase and to address any questions or concerns. All the staff is very friendly, professional and helpful. We look forward to a long term relationship with Park Honda as they have certified mechanics servicing certified vehicles every day. Thank you all again, see you soon!

Ben S.

"Roll out the red carpet"
I just wanted to extend a sincere "Thank you" to you, Jason Christner and Dave Gesualdo!!  Most people DREAD the car dealing/buying experience.  However, that simply was not the case!  This is the second new vehicle that we have purchased from Park Acura.  I have appreciated over the years how the service just doesn't end with the sale.  The service and parts departments have went over and above what one might normally expect.  It seems like they ALWAYS "roll out the red carpet" no matter how minor the problem may be.  There is always a service loaner waiting on me and never have I had to wait on them.
Jason was NOT one bit pushy, very knowledgeable of Acura products and easily answered all our questions.  I feel like our deal was very fair and couldn't have ask for anything else.
(Well, maybe just one more little thing.  Still waiting on those golf passes Greg?..LOL).
I am all about "CUSTOMER SERVICE" and I believe that you three wrote the book on it.
P.S.  I think my wife is really enjoying her new Acura RDX.  Of course, I wouldn't really know.  She's never home (always out cruising around).  And it seems like the only time I am allowed to drive it is to church on Sunday!
Please share my comments.
Thanks again!
Steve Baumgard

"Very knowledgeable about the vehicle"

Bought a car at Park Auto Group, The salesman was very knowledgeable about the vehicle and very courteous not pushy like some dealers are, Let me shop for what I wanted not what he needed to sale, That salesman is Dejan Velickovic. I recommend if your in the market for a new or used car go see Dejon, (pronounced Day-Yawn) at Park Auto Group in Akron Ohio at 921 Interstate Parkway off South Arlington Road!

Mark Monaco

"Easy to work with"

Was looking for a used jeep wrangler. Ken Grimes , the salesman I contacted was very helpful in locating the perfect vehicle. I went to look at the vehicle and drove it home that night. I am very happy with the personal service I received and the finance department was very easy to work with. I have recommended Ken Grimes to others who have also purchased vehicles from him.

Eric Jennings

"Very accommodating"

The Mazda Service Representative was very accommodating. I had to work late and was going to be 1/2 hour late for my appointment. However, after calling the Service Department, they told me that I could still bring in my vehicle for its oil change even though
I was going to be 1/2 hour late. Everyone at Park Mazda is always very friendly, courteous, and accommodating.

Maryann M.
2013 CX-5 Owner


Mark and I were able to discuss most thoughts, questions, and details of this transaction via e-mail. He was also well-prepared to complete the new lease and provide an overall review of the new car in a short time frame (approximately 1 1/2 hours). That was wonderful! I love efficiency, and Mark was right on target. I've never had such a succinct AND pleasant experience with a car dealer.


"Off The Charts"

Park Is Awesome On So Many Levels!!! The Staff, The Service, The Professionalism Is Off The Charts! Thank You All Very Much!!

Johnny C.

"Do not hesitate"

I had my Jetta serviced at Park Auto Group, they gave me a loaner car for the day, a brand new fully loaded 2013 RDX. Better yet, when I came back for my Jetta I found it washed and vacuumed! If you need your car serviced, do not hesitate to take it to Park Auto Group, ask for Terri in service!!!

Bobby R.

"Very Painless"

Sherman Thomas did an excellent job ....we did all the negotiations via email....his offer was better than the other Acura dealers ....Once we concluded the deal he made it very painless to pick up the car and go through all the features...all in all a great experience



Love our New Pilot. Thank You Larry, Tom, and Mike for taking good care of us!

Ed M.

"Awesome to work with"

LOVING my "new" Honda Civic!!! Beau was awesome to work with- dependable, trustworthy, personable, and professional! I would recommend him to anyone shopping for a car! He deserves a raise! :)

Natalie S.

"We felt zero pressure"

My salesman was wonderful.  He did every single thing he could to accomodate our needs.  We felt zero pressure, which you don't find often in car sales and he even came in on his day off to meet with us.  We really appreciate him.

Natalie H.,Akron, Ohio


Fantastic service and help. Ease of purchase was a pleasure. Would definitely recommend to others.

MaryV from Mogadore, Ohio


We had a great experience with our salesman Ryan. We highly recommended meeting with him. He is a no pressure sort of salesman which is great!



I accompanied my friend to this dealership because i am very familiar with the car buying process and finance. We expected the average dealership experience but were pleasantly surprised...we found a nice Honda Insight that was certified pre-owned with very low miles that was just marked down by several thousand. The salesman was not pushy whatsoever. He did not try to talk monthly payments, a common sales tactic...My friend decided it was the car for her and fit within her budget and decided to make the purchase. we were in and out in about 2 hours.. also, they replaced the tires with new ones before they handed her the keys. very pleased.

carguy from Akron, OH

"Patient with questions and requests"

Park Auto overall is a well run operation from my perspective.  My salesman did a great job, very attentive and helpful.  Patient with questions and requests.

Steven D.,Canton, Ohio

"Very helpful would recommend highly"

Great Seller, Great Communication, Very helpful would recommend highly. Thanks!!


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