The Quick Guide to Hybrid Vehicles You Didn’t Know You Needed


Hybrid cars are no longer the new kids on the block.

After more than a dozen years on the market and across all the different car manufacturers, there are now 33 hybrid vehicles.

Let’s take a look at these affordable and fuel-efficient cars.

What makes a vehicle a hybrid?

A vehicle is a hybrid if it uses more than one form of energy to drive.

In the case of today’s hybrid vehicles, they have an internal combustion engine, a gas tank, one or more electric motors, and a battery pack.

Hybrid terminology

Here are the hybrid words and phrases you’ll hear most often.

  • Motor-generator. This is simply a more accurate word for the electric motor. It provides the get-up-and-go when it’s the operating motor by pulling electricity from the battery. A modern hybrid may have two or three.

  • Stop-start. The engine shuts off when you’re stopped at traffic signals and automatically restarts when you release the brake pedal. This eliminates the fuel that’s wasted from idling during stops.

  • Regenerative braking. The motor-generator creates electricity that recharges the battery from the momentum of the car slowing down. This method can’t stop a car quickly, so hybrid vehicles still require normal hydraulic brakes.

  • Electric drive. Your hybrid car can operate on electric power alone if it has the electrical capacity. It can’t be sustained for more than several miles and is determined by a number of variables like the weight of the vehicle, the strength of the motor-generator, and the capacity of the battery.

Benefits of driving a hybrid

Check out this rundown of the advantages of owning a hybrid vehicle.

  • Save money on fuel

  • Fewer emissions

  • Instant acceleration

  • No idling

  • Tax income incentive programs

  • Helps to develop better/more frugal driving habits

  • You can drive in the HOV (High-Occupancy Vehicle) lanes

  • Value retention

Ready to get your hybrid on?

If you’re ready to take advantage of the benefits hybrid vehicles have to offer, maybe it’s time to take one for a test drive.

Come and see us at one of our Serra Auto Park locations for help!

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