Kelley Blue Book or Black Book? Which One Has the Info You Need?

Black or Blue?

Which book should you be using to find the most accurate value of your vehicle?

Both claim to be the best.

The truth is that each has a purpose.

Let’s take a look at what Black and Blue have to offer.

The Kelley Blue Book has been around since 1918 and the Black Book followed in 1955.

Neither is new to the car scene!

Here’s what you need to know about the Kelley Blue Book:
  • KBB is more widely used.
  • The wholesale price for a vehicle comes from attending car auctions and analyzing the prices and results. This price includes fees that are associated with the auction, as well as reconditioning and transportation.
  • They give each vehicle one of four ratings:  Excellent, Good, Fair, Poor.
  • Published monthly.
Now, the Black Book:
  • Used as a resource for dealers and financiers.
  • The prices come directly from dealers or online sources.
  • The wholesale price for a vehicle is based on these categories: Extra Clean, Clean, Average, Rough.
  • It’s published weekly.
What you should think about
While these two resources are very similar and both give the wholesale value of a vehicle, there are some considerations to take into account.

For example, when it comes to rare or unusual vehicles, as well as classic cars, Black Book is your best bet.

In general, taking a look at both the Kelley Blue Book and the Black Book is the best way to get a comprehensive value for any vehicle you need to price.

Doing your research
Whichever color Book you’re using, it’s always a good idea to do thorough research to find the vehicle cost information you need.

The Kelley Blue Book and the Black Book have both stood the test of time as reliable resources for anyone buying and selling vehicles.

It always pays to do your research!

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