How to Get the Most Out of Your Car Battery

Your battery plays a vital role in your car’s ability to function. Operating quietly behind the scenes, the battery is vulnerable when things heat up.

In fact, when the temperature becomes really high, it will cause the battery fluid to evaporate, eventually damaging the battery from the inside-out.

When the seasons change, and temperatures go from cold to hot, or when the heat really climbs during the summer, it’s a good idea to have the battery checked out.

Other problems
There are additional ways for the battery to become damaged:
  1. Overcharging. If the battery’s charging system malfunctions, the voltage regulator will send the wrong signal, letting the charge rate get too high. Over time, the battery will die.
  2. Cold temperatures. As the temperature drops, the engine’s oil becomes thicker, which makes it harder for the engine to “turn over,” and as a result, making the battery work harder. When these factors converge, the car will be harder to start.
Take charge
Get more out of your car battery by following these tips:
?    Have a mechanic check the battery’s charging rate, as overcharging and undercharging BOTH cause problems.
?    Some batteries need topped off every so often. If you have this kind of battery, make sure to check it on a regular basis. If it needs topped off, be sure to have distilled water on hand.
?    When it comes time to replace the battery, don’t skimp. Always check the owner’s manual to ensure you’re buying a battery that is rated as high as the one the manufacturer recommends.
?    Get the battery checked if the interior lights or headlights start to “dim,” some of the accessories stop functioning, or the battery light or check engine lights comes on.
   Clean it. The battery’s conductors can become dirty, which will drain power from the battery. If corrosion is left unchecked on the battery terminals, the debris will act as an insulator, blocking the flow of the current.

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