How to Buy a Car the Whole Family Will Love

It’s hard to please an entire group of people with one purchase. But at Park Subaru, we have a unique way of helping families buy a car the entire group will love. Here’s how we’ll guide you through the purchase.
Buying a car that’s good for the whole family
The best family cars generally offer these features:
  • Versatile seating. Sometimes, you may need seven to eight seats for passengers, but other times, you may need to haul only two people and a bunch of sporting equipment -- or groceries. The vehicle’s seating, therefore, should be flexible enough to accommodate these ever-changing needs.
  • Safety. When you have precious cargo occupying your family car, safety should be optimal. Look at vehicles that have advanced air-bag systems, all-wheel drive (if you need it), vehicle-stability control systems, blind-spot mirrors and anti-lock brakes.
  • High-tech. Nothing beats a long road trip when you have the technology to make the experience great. Plenty of USB ports means everyone can plug in and be entertained -- and stay charged up. A great audio system will let you enjoy music, and a rear-seat DVD will let your children watch endless movies -- with headphones on, so you can enjoy some peace and quiet.
  • Upholstery. With little ones, teenagers and even the adults in your family, you just can’t avoid spills and stains. But with dark fabric or smooth leather seats (or splurge for stain-resistant fabric), you can clean up fast and easy!
  • The little things. Explore vehicles that have the features that help you deal with the little things, like having a cup holder for every person in the car or lots of compartments for storage.

Stop in at Park Subaru with your whole family, and we’ll carefully walk you through the entire buying process so that everyone walks away happy. Just give us a call today!

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