Transmission Don'ts


If you love your automatic transmission vehicle, there’s a few things you should know NOT to do to keep the car in great shape.

If you’ve been wondering what’s the best way to ensure your car stays in tip-top condition, here are some transmission don'ts you should know about.

Should I coast down a hill in neutral?
Many people think that they’ll save on fuel if they put their car in neutral and coast down a hill. It makes sense. Because if you put the car in neutral, momentum while going down the hill should power the car, right?

The thing is, modern vehicles are manufactured so that the car shuts off fuel to the engine. As a result, you’ll be using only your wheels as “power.” Here’s what else happens: You’ll have less control over the vehicle should you need to quickly swerve out of the way. The car will also take longer to speed up, because the car isn’t in gear. Finally, it’s illegal to do this in most states.

What’s the safest way to stop my car?
If you come to a stop in your car, you’ll want to safely switch the transmission from reverse to drive, and vice versa.

You should always come to a complete stop when doing so, to ensure that the car’s brakes do the work -- and not the transmission. You can damage the transmission -- including its bands and clutches -- by making it do the work of stopping, as it’s only designed to shift gears.

How should I launch my car?
To get the most life out of your transmission, you should never launch the car. It puts stress and strain on the transmission. For example, never rev the engine while it’s in neutral and then shift it into drive to get the car moving. It’ll damage the transmission’s band, which is very costly to replace.

Follow these rules to treat your car’s transmission well, and you’ll have a happy transmission! If you have questions about how to safely care for your car’s transmission, contact Park Auto Group today!
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