3 Apps to Keep Your Teen Driver Safe

August 19th, 2019 by

The moment your teen gets behind the wheel for the first time is full of emotion.It’s both exciting and scary. You’re proud, yet concerned for their well-being.Technology can be dangerous for teen drivers. The number of accidents caused by texting and driving is astounding.But technology isn’t all bad when it comes to your teens and cars.There are more ways than ever to monitor their driving habits.Let’s take a look at 3 of the most helpful apps.1. Safe DriverThis iTunes/iOs application can monitor your son or daughter’s location, as well as their driving speed.You can set speed limits and get alerts when your child exceeds the boundaries.There are a couple downsides to this app, though.It’s only available for Apple devices.It only works if the application is open. It doesn’t run in the background, so your teenager will have to open Safe Driver before taking off.2. DriveSafe.lyTexting and driving is deadly.The great thing about this app is that it reads incoming messages out loud, eliminating the need for picking up the phone.Users can respond by voice, still without actually touching their device.Unlike many other apps, there isn’t a downside to this one.3. TextecutionThis app is all about clever features that keep your teen driver’s eyes off their phone and on the road.It actually locks the user’s phone while they’re driving, meaning they can’t access any of the SMS features.As the parent, you’ll get an alert any time your child makes a request to access messaging features.The device can only be unlocked if the driver is safely parked or in the event of an accident. Parents also receive real-time data about their teen as they travel.One possible downside is that permission must still be requested even in an emergency.Provide your teen with a safe rideThe three apps – Safe Driver, DriveSafe.ly, and Textecution – will go a long way to keep your teen driver safe.Today’s vehicles also have safety features that are more advanced than ever before.Stop in and see us at one of our Serra Auto Park locations and find a safe car for your teen.
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